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We save you money moving

Anything, Anywhere

The PK’s favourite delivery, removals and transport company !

-The Global Solution Provider

is a digital platform that uses the web, and mobile app linked to form an interface that is meant to provide business and social solutions to the members. It’s an interface that companies and individuals can join for free by registering through a simple process. It is an ‘all under one roof’ based platform, which aims to cover the diverse and vibrant market in Pakistan and the world over; the platform links your business to other businesses and allows you to do business as you socialize. With iLinkedOn, you don’t have to keep switching to attend to that business assignment and getting back to an essential social conversation or even getting business updates- all this you get on one page.

-Be Great at what you do

Get started - it’s free.

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The Top Best Services

  • Innovative Business Card -iBC

    Digital-based video card businesses that will enable you exchange information with other businesses. iLinkedOn lets you design digital cards for your business.

    Businesses can exchange their innovative information to their other business peers; from your social platform, you also will be able to send and receive information through our digital cards.

    We will guide you on the best designs for your cards to attract more leads in the market. Get innovative with and stand out as the most preferred business.

  • Tech- preneur

    will provide you with ideas on starting a business and thereby get you leads. Here you are privileged to obtain information which is a preserve for the few.

    As a member you benefit from a stream of ideas on starting a businesses and the system is automated so that you can share you proposal and get funding.

    We have gathered for your information of business people that have succeeded. We will help you walk the success path through our information on the market dynamics.

  • Hustler’s -Job Corner

    provides a platform for you to land that job you’ve longed for. Here you get better opportunities for a well-paying job.

    You are a recruiting agency; register with us and through our directory find people seeking for various jobs. We provide you the platform to conduct interviews and hire the best.

    Get your dream job through and see your career grow to a high level. We give you career tips and guide you on the skills needed in the market.

  • Grab the Cuisine

    avails you a range of Cafés and restaurants near you from wherever you are, you can order whatever meal you wish.

    enables restaurant owners to receive payment through our POS system which will improve efficiency in payments.

    Book your room from the variety of hotels available on our platform. You are at liberty to choose the facility that best suits you from the comfort of your home.

  • Behind the Van -Mover

    Move your valuable items through our iLinkedOn transport services within and across cities. We are keen to details to ensure safe and timely delivery of your valuable.

    allows you to register your company drivers on our platform where they will be exposed and therefore access as many jobs as possible.

    If you are an individual/company doing home/office removals, you can publish your ads with us for free and get access to as many clients as possible.

  • U- In the Driver’s seat

    provides you with a range of cars that you would like to drive in. We have all types of vehicles for both economic and business class.

    Join us and register your tem of drivers for more leads and easy management and tracking. Take advantage of this opportunity and see your business grow.

    With our automated system you can book and drive that vehicle of your choice at any given time. Join now and at reasonable charges; drive in the car of your choice.

  • Deals/promotions

    Get updated on the best deals and promotions for various products in the market. At , we are committed to ensuring that you don’t miss the niceties.

    You are a company/dealer and want your product to go viral in the market? Join today and publish your items here, we will advise on how best to have it sell.

    We gather for you up-to-date info on the offers from different companies. That will enable you to buy products at the cheaply affordable prices all the time.

  • Buy & Sell with us- ads

    allows companies/businesses to sell their products and services through our ads platform.

    With us you are sure of a ready market of millions of our members. Business is a game of numbers; we have the numbers plus leads.

    Join and enjoy a variety of products offered by the best providers in Pakistan and world over. Look no further, browse through and get all you have wished in seconds-goods and services competitively.

  • Drive your choice -

    One’s choice of a car is determined by several factors best known to the individual. At , we link you to dealers of both new and used cars. We help companies/dealers publish their stock of both new and used cars. With our network of millions of members, you will are privileged to sell a lot. You will get the car of your choice at the most competitive prices. At , we link you to a reliable insurer to ensure that you are covered.

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    • Unbeatable instant prices
    • Choose your date and time
    • Dedicated move co-ordinator
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Features Comparison

all Features
  • Digi- Business Centre

    From time to time you want to update information on your portal. Digi- Business Centre allows your cardholders to receive that update instantly. This will enable your customers and partners be in tandem with whatever the business has to offer at a point. Thus they all become part of the business.

    -Brand promo

    Your business cards are outdated with irrelevant information. Here we allow you get your cards updated and scan through your database.

    We have stored for you your card holders and therefore you can hand them a new copy of the updated card. Our platform will enable you to customize the card to the best design of your choice.

  • Innovative- BC Business Promotion

    If your business information changes, you are in complete contrl, just update in your portal and we will let your cardholders know about this change.

    Branding Promotion

    Sorry, please re-print your business cards, find out your card holders and hand them a new copy.

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About Us

is a platform built to exchange your digital video based business card through the use of our web and mobile app in conjunction. A simplified and yet powerful interface helping your business to develop faster.

Are You Ready to Move in ?

iLinkedOn- Think-Tank
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Starting a business can be challenging especially to newbie's; beginning a new venture is equally unpredictable. iLinkedOn gives you access to start up ideas to whatever business you've dreamt of. Pose the question and enjoy the innumerable tips available. We will take you step by step to attaining your business goal. Don't kill that dream join iLinkedOn and walk with us to success.

iLinkedOn- Share your love
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Are you a member of iLinkedOn? Waste no time switching to your favorite social network. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and all-iLinkedOn 'Share-your-love' allows you to surf through your network of friends at a go. We have saved you the hassle-all under one roof. Enjoy the speed as you download or post those photos or that program. you can as well share your business to your friends and loved ones.


For you to monitor your business productivity, you need a tool that will analyze your financials and give you the real business position and a predictable future of your business. enables you to get your financials right through our automated system will suggest you the kills which will see the business flourish. Avoid those pitfalls that will plunge your business into unforeseen losses by signing with .

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